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Our customers

KSML is a dynamic company with extensive expertise in hoisting technology. As a result, our team guarantees excellent service and quality and we offer you total solutions in the area of hoisting and lifting equipment. We service the needs of our customers in the Benelux and Germany from various regional sites. Innovation is a constant focus and we maintain a continuous dialogue with our suppliers in order to improve our products. Our main office is located in Leeuwarden. In addition, we operate further branches in the Eemsdelta area and in Germany.


As an organisation providing crane services, KSML focuses on high quality:

  • A healthy business partner that contributes ideas and expertise to customers when it comes to reducing costs, increasing productivity and enhancing safety.
  • A business partner that builds trust and confidence through its well-trained and experienced staff.
  • A business partner that attaches the greatest importance to delivering what has been agreed. ​


KSML will always do its utmost to offer customers the best solution and respond to all of their requirements. KSML wants to excel when it comes to initiative, expertise and focus. KSML wants to be valued for reliability and speed. As a customer, you will experience this in the day-to-day contacts and collaboration with our company during the complete process from quotation to delivery and after sales support.

Our team comprises professional and highly experienced technicians. The technicians are always fully informed of the latest developments in the sector (such as the inspection – certification requirements in accordance with the Dutch AI 17 Health and Safety Regulations for Hoisting and Lifting Equipment) and they advise you on how to achieve cost savings while improving productivity and safety.

The professionals from KSML are highly motivated, decisive, inventive, effective and always think in terms of solutions.

Our customers are active in various sectors: shipbuilding, engineering, steel fabrication, the concrete industry, offshore, construction, sheltered employment workplaces, etc. Based on our long-standing experience and knowledge, we like to contribute our ideas and expertise to help customers reduce costs, increase productivity and improve safety.

With the aid of our expert staff, we offer you a total package of products and services.
At KSML, we welcome your business!