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Cranes can either run on top of the crane rails, the rail-mounted gantry crane, or be suspended from the underside of the crane rails, the suspended overhead crane. Other variants are also possible such as single girder, double girder, profile or tube. We exclusively deliver crane components from our supplier, SWF:

Electric chain hoist, SK
Load capacity 125 - 5000 kilos. Perfect combination of compact dimensions and strong motors. Makes it possible to work efficiently and effectively with the highest quality. The SK electric chain hoists can be equipped to suit your individual requirements. We offer you a wide range of options for this.

Electric wire rope hoist, NOVA
Load capacity - 80,000 kilos. The large drum, which reduces wear and tear on the wire rope, is characteristic of this hoist. The advantage of the NOVA is that the load can be moved with practically no sideways movement of the hook.

The NOVA electric wire rope hoists are known for the extremely large drum, which reduces wear and tear on the wire rope. This feature is combined with further characteristics that guarantee safe and efficient operation. The Nova can be easily adapted to suit your building: this crane offers the best approach dimensions and lowest installation heights in the electrical wire rope hoist segment. This ensures optimum use of space and reduces building (modification) costs.


High-quality components and the latest technology guarantee high efficiency and durability and minimise maintenance costs. We supply various (rotary) grabbing cranes. Bespoke solutions are possible. We are also capable of maintaining a variety of different brands of (rotary) grabbing cranes.


Use of the latest technology also ensures high efficiency in the gantry crane segment. Based on our long-standing experience, we can flexibly follow the rapid pace of development in this sector and provide the specific solution you require. We can deliver and maintain gantry cranes.


Our range of jib cranes comprises 8 different models. We can offer you a standard solution up to a maximum capacity of 10,000 kg and a jib length of up to 10.5 metres. An extensive choice of design variants is available and these cranes can be mounted in almost any position.

As standard, we supply jib cranes complete with a power supply. Pillar-mounted jib cranes can be supplied with a lockable main switch (IP55). Wall-mounted jib cranes are supplied with a terminal box.

Because of the relatively low weight of the crane itself, a jib crane can be used on weak supporting surfaces and floors. So this design of crane can also be used in more lightweight building structures. The height of the pillar depends on the required hoisting height. High-quality bearings give the product good ergonomic characteristics, making it easy to slew the crane.


Purchasing a used crane expands production capacity at an attractive price

KSML regularly purchases cranes in good serviceable condition that have become surplus to requirements at specific sites. If you are looking for a used crane, please contact us for information about availability from our stock of rotary grabbing cranes, gantry cranes for logistics companies, inland harbours and railway terminals, grabbing bridge cranes, portal cranes for the concrete industry and warehousing and transshipment sectors, overhead cranes, spreaders, grabbers and special cranes.

KSML has an extensive database of all of the available crane types and brands. In principle, all used cranes are offered for sale in the condition in which they are purchased, however we can recondition them on request or even modify them completely to suit the buyer's requirements!

Buying a used crane allows you to expand your production capacity more rapidly and make significant savings in comparison to ordering a new crane. If required, we install, modernise and adapt the electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems, and, if necessary, the main structure of your used crane to ensure a perfect match with your production requirements and production location.


With three different profiles, the Lightster design offers a solution for an extensive range of applications and satisfies most requirements. The Lightster makes it possible to build single and double girder solutions with a normal and reduced installed height.
The advantage of the Lightster: a powerful handling system that combines generous load capacity with low operating costs.

The Profile Master is a completely modular system that allows you to resolve the most complicated logistical problems in the blink of an eye. This profile crane system has a long and proven track record of successful use for rapid and coordinated transportation of materials in production environments and warehouses.
The advantage of the Profile Master: the design of the system combines huge flexibility with optimum productivity


KSML supplies a complete range of hoisting and lifting equipment. In addition, we can also inspect and repair your hoisting equipment.

Our certificate program offers you a way of effectively managing your hoisting and lifting equipment. The certificates can be easily retrieved at any time and, if necessary, stored in your own file under hoisting and lifting equipment. This certificate program offers you the possibility of accessing your certificates online and downloading them as a PDF file.

The use of hoisting and lifting equipment is subject to rules and regulations. These rules and regulations have been drawn up in response to the risks associated with using hoisting and lifting equipment.The Dutch Working Conditions Information Sheet, version AI 17, Annex 5, clearly describes the risks associated with using hoisting and lifting tools and equipment and the relevant inspection requirements.

​Why KSML?
  • Extensive experience with hoisting and lifting equipment.
  • Strong focus on reliability and flexibility.
  • Not tied to specific brands.
  • Repair and maintenance for all brands.
  • Workshop with a tensile strength tester and advanced (test) equipment.
  • VCA-certified fitters.
  • Ability to perform annual hoisting and lifting equipment inspections.


KSML has introduced Fallprotec's product line to further optimise its fall protection philosophy. The choice fell on Fallprotec due to the excellent engineering that goes into the products and Fallprotec's experience and abiilty to offer solutions that fit in with KSML's ideas. The main products in this range consist of:

  • Horizontal/inclined rope system A stainless steel rope system that can be used both horizontally and in an inclined configuration, equipped with a permanent or removable glider.
  • Vertical rope system A rope system that has been designed for installation on ladders and other structures.
  • Horizontal rail system An anodised aluminium rail system that complies with European standard EN 795, class, for floor, wall or ceiling mounting, equipped with a permanent or removable glider.
  • Vertical rail system An anodised aluminium rail system for wall mounting or mounting to a ladder, equipped with a permanent or removable glider.
  • Ladder system An anodised aluminium rail system that features fixed or fold-up ladder sections, equipped with a permanent or removable glider.

The complete range of products from Fallprotec is manufactured in accordance with European Standards and all products have been certified by an independent Notified Body.